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Which Countries Have the Fastest Internet Speeds in 2020?

Whether you’re planning a trip abroad or just curious about the answer, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 countries with the quickest average internet speeds from across the globe.  

I mean, imagine being able to download a movie without the loading circle endlessly spinning round and round or game online without ANY interruptions – it must be bliss! Let’s not waste any more time and jump straight in... 

1) Singapore 

The country which has clocked the fastest internet speed is Singapore. 5,850,000+ residents enjoy average download speeds of a staggering 191.93Mbps. But is it any surprise when Singapore is a cosmopolitan city of the uber rich!? 

Speeds such as these mean a person can download a HD movie in less than two minutes!

2) South Korea 

Silver goes to South Korea, with average internet speeds of 156.18mbps. Considering the much larger population count of over 50 million residents, South Korea has invested heavily in their internet infrastructure to secure these impressive speeds. 

Did you know that South Koreans can get free Wi-Fi on public transport, in public buildings and on public streets? They’ll never have to experience the worry of running out of data and being stuck without maps like us!

3) Taiwan 

With just a small drop in speed, Taiwan comes in third with an average of 151.75Mbps. This internet-savvy country also provides its 23,000,000+ residents with free Wi-Fi in the majority of public areas, including hotels, cafes, restaurants and shopping malls.

4) Hong Kong 

There isn’t much between third and fourth place! Taiwan just beat Hong Kong by less than 1Mbps, with an average internet speed of 151.02Mbps. 

Hong Kong now has a National Security Law in place which allows the police to control and censor the internet. This means authorities can conduct searches without a warrant, force web platforms to take down posts, and block companies that don’t comply with their rules. In Hong Kong, it is now also illegal for internet users to incite hatred towards the Chinese Government.

5) Romania 

The first of the European countries to appear on the list is Romania. It supplies average internet speeds of 130.79Mbps to its 19-million-plus population. These superfast speeds allow a user to download an album in 6.25 seconds or download a full TV show in just 41 seconds. 

Residents in Romania have access to some of the lowest broadband prices in the world. An internet package boasting download speeds of up to 1Gbps will only set you back around 8 Euro a month!! In England, that would cost you £62 a month with Virgin’s Gig1 Fibre Broadband service.

6) Monaco 

The second smallest country in the world – measuring only 2.02km square miles – Monaco secures sixth place on the list. With just over 39,000 residents, this millionaire’s playground delivers average internet speeds of 125.69Mbps. 

As you would expect in a place like this, there are no internet restrictions or surveillance by Monaco’s government – so citizens are free to roam the internet without limitations.

7) Andorra 

Located in-between Spain and France, Andorra is a small principality with a population of just over 77,0000 across 180 square miles. Despite its size, it’s only the 16th smallest country in the world! 

The average speeds in this part of the world clock in at 115.88Mbps with 98.87% of the population connected to the internet.

8) United States 

Just a fraction slower is the United States… with average speeds of 115.67Mbps. 

Fun fact: America has one of the largest ISP (Internet Service Provider) networks in the world. There are over 7,000 operators! But remember, they are trying to connect a population of over 331,000,000… 

9) Switzerland 

The gap between rankings is getting smaller and smaller. Next up is Switzerland delivering average internet speeds of 115.13Mbps. There are only 0.75Mbps between seventh and ninth place – so the competition is really tight! 

Switzerland is not only ranked 9th globally for its average internet speeds, but 4th out of the 51 countries within Europe.

10) Macau 

And finally, in our rankings is Macau – a city by the South China Sea. It is one of the most densely populated regions in the world, with just under 650,000 residents within 44.5 square miles. 

Macau’s average internet speeds clocked in at 114.43Mbps. Residents here also have access to free public Wi-Fi in selected areas and tourist hotspots. Currently, Macau’s internet isn’t heavily censored, however it is closely monitored in this region.

So, there you have it, the top ten countries with the fastest download speeds! Surprised not to see the UK listed? Or did you expect it? If you’re wondering what number our country ranks, check out our other blog for the answer! It wasn’t what we were expecting… 

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