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The Old TV Which Brought Down a Welsh Village’s Broadband for 18 Months

There was an ongoing mystery in the little Welsh village of Aberhosan, Powys... every morning at 7am, the area’s broadband would go down and there was no clear explanation as to why! This problem went on for an entire 18 months.

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Openreach engineers repeatedly visited the village to test the connection, which showed to be working fine, and they even replaced large sections of the cabling in an attempt to fix the occurring broadband outage.  

However, the village still lost connection every single morning! Needless to say, the engineers involved were completely baffled. 

After a year and a half of constant broadband failure, an investigation was launched into the problem. The engineers walked every inch of the village using a spectrum analyser – a device that looks for electrical interference – in order to pinpoint the cause. 

It led them to a particular house, where the culprit was found! It turned out that when the resident turned on their television every morning at 7am, it emitted an 'electrical noise' that wiped out the internet connection for 400 residents in the neighbourhood.  

Openreach engineer, Michael Jones, said: “Not being able to solve the fault for our customers left us feeling frustrated and downbeat, but we were determined to get to the bottom of it.” 

“As a final resort, we decided to bring in a crack squad of engineers from the Chief Engineers Office who were based in other parts of the UK to investigate.” 

“We wanted to do one final test to see if the fault was being caused by a phenomenon known as Shine (Single High-level Impulse Noise) where electrical interference is emitted from an appliance that can then have an impact on broadband connectivity.” 

“We walked up and down the village in the torrential rain at 6am to see if we could find an electrical noise to support our theory. And at 7am, like clockwork, it happened. Our device picked up a large burst of electrical interference.”  

“As you can imagine when we pointed this out to the resident, they were mortified that their old second-hand TV was the cause of an entire village’s broadband problems, and they immediately agreed to switch it off and not use it again.”  

Are you experiencing broadband outages? 

Hopefully, it’s not related to an old TV in the area! Suzanne Rutherford, Openreach chief engineer's lead for Wales advises customers to report the issue to their service provider in the first instance so it can be investigated. 

If the connectivity issues aren’t widespread in the area, you may want to consider requesting a new router if you have had yours for many years. Older routers may not be capable of delivering the fastest speeds or higher bandwidths. 

Another top tip is to look at the placement of your router. For the best coverage, it should be placed in the centre of your home and not shoved in one corner. Also, your router shouldn’t be hidden in a cabinet or located next to electrical appliances as it could affect its performance.  

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