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TalkTalk Reveals Half of Brits Find Broadband More Important Than Partners

It’s understandable… your partner doesn’t help you cook dinner like Alexa does, keep the kids entertained like Netflix does, or even make you laugh like videos on Facebook do! We jest, of course...

So just how important is your broadband? Out of the 4,000 people asked in a survey done by TalkTalk, apparently reliable broadband is more important than their other half!  

People now prefer to stay home than go out 

Did you know that 1 in 4 people would rather miss social events to stay at home and spend hours online?  This has now been coined the term ‘JOMO’ – The Joy of Missing Out – similar to the popular acronym, FOMO. 

2 in 5 of those people would prefer to binge-watch a TV series than enjoy a cool drink at a pub… and over 60% of 18-34 year olds now prefer to play games at home rather than go on a night out. What’s happened to our youth!? 

What are the top 5 things to do online? 

There are 5.1 million people who use broadband every single minute while they’re at home! Mind-blowing isn’t it? And these are the 5 favourite activities to do online by British adults – essentially, what your friends are cancelling on you to do! 

  1. Watching funny animal videos 

  2. Sending people funny memes  

  3. Watching their favourite TV shows  

  4. Catching up on the latest celebrity gossip  

  5. Adding clothes to their shopping basket just for fun 

The impact of bad broadband 

Joking aside, bad broadband is something everyone wants to avoid and it’s more than just a small inconvenience. It can stop you being able to work from home; it can stop you relaxing in the evenings with buffering TV streams; and it can stop your children being able to do their homework. That’s why good broadband is so important.  

TalkTalk’s ‘In-Crowd’ ambassador, Marvin Humes, said:  “A superfast, reliable broadband connection, like the one TalkTalk provides, helps to bring the whole family together.” 

“From the TV shows we love to stream, to the unboxing videos my little ones are obsessed with watching – as well as the way we connect with family and friends on social media – the internet is such a big part of how we unwind, and I know our family life wouldn’t be the same without it.” 

How to get good broadband 

If your broadband package isn’t delivering the best connection or speeds, it could be time to switch! You can start comparing deals right here.  

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