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Millions of UK Homes Could Upgrade From ADSL Broadband

Just think about it for a moment… how long have you been on the same broadband deal? Have you ever asked your provider about upgrading your package?  

If you answered ‘a long time’ to the first question and ‘no’ to the second, you could be missing out on a much better broadband package.  

Research by Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, has suggested that half of all UK homes could get a faster broadband connection for the same price or less!  

Katie Milligan, a manager at Openreach, which provides much of the UK's broadband network said: "More than 17 million homes and businesses could order a better service over our network today, but haven't yet." 

"That means they're missing out on more reliable connections that would allow them to work from home more effectively, access entertainment and use multiple smart devices around the house, all at the same time and without interruption." 

So why aren’t people jumping at the chance and switching to a better internet deal?  

Top reasons why people don’t switch

1) Too much hassle 

People still have the belief that switching broadband providers is hard work… but it’s simply not the case.  

The hardest bit you’ll have to do is find a deal that you like and the best place to start is by browsing a comparison site. Simply enter your postcode and you’ll be shown a list of providers and deals that are available in your area.  

Once you’ve picked your favourite, the provider will usually handle most of the arrangements, like sending you a new router and an engineer if you need one… some companies will even contact your old provider to cancel. 

2) Not to lose their email address 

There are some providers which will still allow you to access your email if you’re no longer a customer will them. Others may simply ask you to pay a fee – but this could still work out cheaper overall if you switched to a cheaper broadband deal.  

It’s best to ask your provider about their policies first before assuming that you’re tied down for good.  

3) There isn’t a better deal 

This one is hard to believe… especially when the majority of providers will automatically put a customer onto their default tariff after their initial contract term. This could mean that you’re overpaying by hundreds of pounds a year! 

So, if you’re out-of-contract, we suggest checking what you pay every month and shopping around for a new customer offer. There are a whole host of great deals available – with prices as low as £17.50 per month.

4) Loyalty to the provider 

1 in 8 people stated loyalty as a reason not to switch providers. Now, here comes the realty check… your broadband provider is a business and businesses are out to make money.  

Loyal customers actually pay an average of 19% more once their introductory deal has ended. Why? Because, quite simply, they can charge you more and they know most people won’t bother switching. The best deals are reserved for new customers as a way of enticing them to sign up.

No better time to switch than now 

Don’t let any of these four reasons hold you back from switching broadband providers. It might seem like a bit of work at first, but you’ll be so glad you did it afterwards – especially if you save yourself some money or bag a faster connection.

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