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Huge Internet Speed Boosts Announced for BT, Sky and TalkTalk Customers – Check the Locations Here

Do you put up with poor broadband speeds because you don’t want to pay out for a costly high-speed package? Well, your internet frustrations could soon be over!

Huge broadband boosts are coming to BT, Sky and TalkTalk customers in over 50 locations across the UK. Finally, some good news in 2020! Keep reading to see if your home is in one of the lucky areas...

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Openreach, who looks after the internet infrastructure that providers such as BT, Sky and TalkTalk use, are replacing their old analogue lines with full-fibre cables. This could see speeds go from under 1Mbps to 100Mbps and higher! 

The anticipated upgrade is being rolled out in 51 locations across the country and will benefit around 500,000 homes. BT, Sky and TalkTalk broadband customers could see their internet skyrocket from a snail’s pace to lightning fast overnight.

The type of connection being installed by Openreach is called FTTP, or Fibre to the Premises. This delivers data along next-generation fibre optic cables all the way to your home, which doesn’t slow down your internet speed, unlike copper wiring.

With FTTP, homes can enjoy speeds of up to 1Gbps – capable of downloading a HD movie in just 2 minutes or a full album in 8 seconds. Now, that’s impressive!

Mark Logan, Director of Products & Customer Commercial Proposition, said: “We’re stepping up our plans to stop selling our legacy analogue services and instead focus on providing people with a modern, future-proof full-fibre connection that can deliver all manner of new digital services over the top.”

"Full Fibre or ‘Fibre to the Premises’ technology (FTTP) will be available to more than 75% of homes in these 51 new locations by October 2021, as it makes no sense - both operationally and commercially - to keep the old and new network running side-by-side."

Will your home benefit from the upgrade?

It is said that approximately 500,000 homes across the country will get to enjoy superfast internet speeds. Here is a list of the areas due to get the broadband boost: 

  • Armagh 

  • Aylesbury Vale 

  • Bangor 

  • Barry 

  • Basildon 

  • Brentwood 

  • Bromsgrove 

  • Cornwall 

  • Coventry 

  • Craigavon 

  • Doncaster 

  • Flintshire 

  • Highland 

  • Ilford North 

  • Isle of Anglesey 

  • Mid Devon 

  • Newtownards & Bangor 

  • North Tyneside 

  • Northumberland 

  • Orpington 

  • Penzance 

  • Ribble Valley 

  • Rickmansworth 

  • Rushcliffe 

  • Scottish Borders 

  • Sefton 

  • South Cambridgeshire 

  • Stanecastle 

  • Suffolk Coastal 

  • Swindon 

  • Tadcaster 

  • Thames Ditton 

  • Thamesmead 

  • Thanet 

  • Thornton Heath 

  • Waternish 

  • West Lothian 

  • Winterton 

  • Wirral 

  • Wollaton 

  • Woodgate 

  • Wrexham 

  • Wythenshawe 

  • Zelah 

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