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Worried About Losing Your Email Address if You Switch? Here’s What You Can Do!

According to a Which? survey of over 8,000 Brits, 37% of people don’t switch broadband provider because they don’t want to lose their email address.  

It’s understandable… your email address is probably linked to tonnes and tonnes important accounts and platforms so changing it would be a nightmare.  

But is it right you’re being held captive by your current broadband provider? Of course not! You should have the freedom to switch to whomever you wish, and you shouldn’t be stuck paying for premium broadband because of your email account! 

So, don’t worry, we’ve got your back – here’s what you can do about it.  

1) There may be nothing to worry about 

You may just be able to keep your email and still switch. Woohoo!  

There are a few providers that will allow you to cancel your broadband and keep your email address without having to pay a fee.  

Sky is one of these providers. You can keep your email address with Sky as long as you want after you’ve cancelled your contract. But be sure to keep using it regularly or it might be assumed as inactive and shut down. 

If you’re currently with BT, you’ll be pleased to know you can keep your email address for free, but there’s a catch. The free account comes with a basic service that’s accessible via a browser only. If you want to the full service, you’ll have to pay, which brings us onto our next point...

2) Pay a small monthly fee 

As we mentioned above, if you want access to BT’s full-service email package, you’ll have to pay for it – and that costs £7.50 a month. 

TalkTalk customers looking to switch would have to pay £5 a month in order to keep their email address. 

Having another monthly cost isn’t ideal, especially on top of all the other household bills, but at least you get to keep your email address and have the freedom to switch broadband providers whenever you please.

3) Make the switch once and for all 

Unfortunately, there are some providers which don’t offer a free email service and don’t give you the chance to pay a monthly fee. Your account will simply be closed in a certain number of days if you switch internet providers.

Virgin Media lets you have access to your email account for 90 days. TalkTalk, gives you 12 months to use your email account before it’s shut down, if you decide against paying the monthly fee.

How much could I save by switching broadband providers? 

We know it can be a bit of work changing your email address, but the benefits could outweigh the effort.  

You can save up to £200 by simply switching broadband providers. Why? If you sign up to a new deal, you’ll be able to take advantage of new customer offers instead of paying a provider’s default tariff which is usually a lot more expensive.  

If you’re interested in seeing how much you could save, why not use our quick and simple broadband search tool? You may be surprised at just how low the prices can be!

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