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What Is a Broadband Bundle?

Spend just a few seconds searching online and you’ll see that internet providers offer a huge range of broadband options. Special offers, one-time-only deals, bundles... the list goes on.  

Broadband providers use bundles to get people interested and, ultimately, sign-up to their service. They offer customers a range of attractive options. From ultrafast 200 Mb fibre and a handful of TV channels to the promise of superfast broadband and enough mobile data to keep you entertained for hours, people are spoilt for choice.  

It’s unsurprising then that people are often left scratching their heads, wondering which is the best deal for them... or even what type of deal they want. 

So, before you commit to a 12 or 24-month bundle without being sure if the offer is right for you, don’t miss your chance to learn everything you need to know about broadband bundles. Be sure to read the whole blog... we don’t you to miss something and then regret it for the entire duration of your broadband contract! 

A brief history of broadband bundles 

Service bundles are nothing new. Telewest was the first provider to offer bundles when, in the late 1990s, they offered their cable TV along with phone calls and a dial-up internet line all for a single monthly price.  

Fastforward ten years to 2006 when, under pressure from Ofcom – the UK’s telecoms regulator – BT agreed to allow rival telecom operators to have equal access to its local area networks, complying with the Enterprise Act 2002.  

Once BT opened its telephone exchanges and competitors could access networks, there was a huge boom in the number of broadband providers offering bundled services... a trend that continues to this day.  

Telephone exchange towers deliver internet to homes across the UK.

The types of broadband bundles 

There are three different types of broadband bundles. These are: broadband and call bundles, broadband and TV bundles, and broadband and mobile bundles. Providers offer different average download and upload speeds, call and TV bundles, even more mobile data allowance. This gives you a whole lot of choice when deciding to get or change providers.

Broadband and call bundles 

The most common broadband services in the UK use a traditional phone line and you pay a line rental cost every month in your broadband bill. Many broadband providers offer their customers a call plan as part of a bundle and you can add off-peak, anytime or international calls for a few extra pounds a month. 

Broadband and TV bundles 

With a internet and TV bundle, you could access to several premium TV channels.

Bigger providers, such as BT and Sky give customers the chance to view premium TV channels and watch Premier League football or the latest movie releases.  

Some broadband and TV bundles are better than others. For instance, TalkTalk and Virgin don’t offer many more channels than you get with basic Freeview so may not be worth getting if you’re looking for the right broadband and TV bundle. 

Broadband and mobile bundles 

You can also choose a broadband and mobile bundle. Though these are less popular than call and TV bundles, they are still great for anyone who want to reduce their monthly mobile phone bill or take advantage of a bonus, usually a bigger data allowance. The good thing about broadband and mobile bundles is that they can be added to an existing plan and save you starting a new plan.

How to choose the right bundle 

The key to choosing the right bundle is to understand how you use the internet and which of the bundle services are best for you.  

Let’s say you’re someone who works remotely or relies on the internet to make their living. Getting a broadband bundle with faster download speeds or larger download capacities may be more useful than a broadband and TV package that offers 60+ channels of tele that you’ll never get the time to watch! 

Then there’s how much data you need. Have a look below at a simple broadband data usage guide: 

  • Browsing online and email use - up to 10GB a month 

  • Browsing online and on-demand TV, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime - 10-30GB a-month 

  • Browsing online, on-demand TV, movies and music downloads – 40 to 80GB a-month or 40GB a-month to unlimited usage 

If you want to reduce how much you’re spending on your mobile phone, bundling your broadband and mobile is a great way to get more data allowance and some other welcome perks that could save you money.

Get the right broadband bundle for you 

If you want to get the broadband service you need, save money and enjoy a handful of perks, choosing the right broadband bundle is essential. And this is something that Switchly can help you with! 

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