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What Internet Speed Do I Need for Gaming?

Gamers place the highest expectations on their internet connection, because nothing is more frustrating than trying to game with lagging and pixelated visuals. And let’s be honest, it can impact your ability to win! 

That said, gaming is one of the most demanding activities on your broadband. So, if you’re constantly screaming at your screen during gameplay (out of anger, not excitement), it might be time to reconsider your internet package.

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How much data does gaming use? 

Gaming is the king of bandwidth consumption. Downloading a video game requires a lot of data as the files are gigantic... and that’s putting it politely. 

If you were to download a HD film, it would require around 3-4GB of data on average. The amount of data required for the average video game is about 35 times that amount!

Here are the file sizes of some popular video games: 

·      Fortnite - 90GB 

·      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – 170GB 

·      Final Fantasy XV - 100GB 

·      Red Dead Redemption - 99GB 

How long will it take to download a video game? 

Obviously, this will all depend on your broadband speed. Let’s say you have a standard ADSL package with 8Mbps speeds, it could take around 50 minutes to download a 3GB HD film. 

If you tried to download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on the same internet connection, it would take 47.2 hours. That’s almost two whole days waiting for a game to download before you can start playing it… and by then the excitement might have worn off. 

Not to mention when you do start playing the game, the quality would be so bad on those kinds of internet speeds that you’d probably end up quitting anyway. 

What broadband deal should I get? 

This advice applies to anyone, not just gamers… when searching for a broadband package, you should always get one that reflects your usage. 

So, if you only use the internet for sending emails and surfing the web, you can get away with a slower broadband package as your household doesn’t consume that much data. 

However, if you regularly stream, download films or game online, you should consider a broadband connection that can keep up, such as a fibre or full-fibre package. 

These come with higher speeds than standard or ADSL broadband and they will be able to handle more demanding online activities. We’d also recommend a deal that comes with unlimited downloads, otherwise you could use up your allowance pretty quickly. 

What is a good internet speed for gaming? 

It is said that the minimum download speed required for gaming is 3Mbps and the minimum upload speed is 1Mbps. But, as we’ve already explored, you’ll probably want a faster package. 

Quite simply, the faster your broadband, the more seamless and pleasurable your gaming experience. 

Fibre broadband packages can come with a range of download speeds, from 30Mbps to well over 100Mbps. Prices will vary too, so remember to keep your budget in mind when choosing the right broadband package for you.

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