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Understanding Broadband Installation

Many people would be lost without a high-speed, secure Internet connection. Emailing... banking... buying... socialising... the list goes on. We can all thank broadband providers for the convenience and connectivity we enjoy every single day.   

Most of us know enough about broadband to get by. We can connect to Wi-Fi, safeguard our privacy, even troubleshoot small modem issues at a push, (hitting restart usually does the trick), but installing broadband, well, that’s another matter.  

Whether you’re moving to a new property without a compatible Internet line, are setting up broadband for the first time or have just moved into a listed building without a phone line, understanding broadband installation will help you no end when speaking to providers and engineers.

You'll need an ethernet cable to set up your broadband connection.

How does broadband installation work? 

It can take around two weeks to get broadband installed, but this timeframe is hardly set in stone. There are two factors that determine how quickly you can get broadband installed: whether you have an existing phone line and if that phone line is compatible with your Internet provider. 

When you sign-up, your broadband provider will arrange an appropriate time for an engineer to come and install or set-up the phone line. Depending on how confident you feel you may be able to set-up broadband yourself. It’s up to you.  

However, if you live in an apartment block with multiple phone lines connected to a single building, you’re probably best calling an engineer... it wouldn’t make you very popular with the neighbours if you tried to install broadband and the Internet for the whole building went down! 

Can broadband installation take more than a few weeks? 

Generally, no. But there may be circumstances when installing broadband could take longer than a few weeks. If you live in a rented property, it’s worth checking your tenancy agreement or speaking to your landlord to make sure that they’re happy for a phone line to be installed.  

If the engineer arrives to install your broadband and you’re not there, they’re unlikely to hang around for hours waiting for you to come back! You’ll have to arrange another time for the engineer to come... and you could be charged a rescheduling fee.  

The good news is that providers give you an appointment time and they usually give you a window of a couple of hours. You may have to wait for a little while but it’s better than missing your appointment! 

A good broadband connection can help to create a calm, happy household.

How much does broadband installation cost? 

Most providers, including BT, Sky and TalkTalk won’t charge you for installing a phone line as part of a broadband package. However, if you just want a new phone line installed, providers will charge you.  

The cost depends on whether you’re moving to and from the BT Openreach network. Below is a table of the price major providers charge for installing a new phone line.

What about the router? 

Usually, when you sign-up to a broadband provider you’ll get a router free of charge... and you don’t need to install it, all you need to plug it into the phone line and turn it on... it’s that easy! 

If you want to buy a separate router, one with better hardware, there’s nothing stopping you doing so... the only thing you need to remember is that you’re unlikely to get the same standard of customer service as you would with your provider. It’s also important to check that a new router is compatible with your broadband service.  

However, most routers sold as part of a broadband package are pretty good and, for the most part, will provide you with the performance you need. 

How can you find the best broadband deals with installation in your area? 

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