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Tips From BT: How to Speed Up Your Sluggish Home Broadband

A reliable, consistent and fast internet connection is no longer considered a nice luxury… it’s an absolute necessity. 

During the global coronavirus pandemic, the nation was told to stay at home which meant we became more reliant on our broadband than ever before. Restrictions may now be lifting, but our dependence on the internet still remains.

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Millions of people across the country are continuing to work, study and socialise from home – putting an increased amount of pressure on our broadband connections. 

Combine all of this internet activity with multiple users in your household, and your internet will likely become very sluggish. However, there is nothing more frustrating than a slow, unreliable connection when you’re trying to conduct a video call, upload important documents, browse the web or stream a new TV show. 

Luckily, Tayyab Farid, BT Home Tech Expert, has some expert tips to help increase your speeds and stop you throwing your Wi-Fi router against the wall in anger. So, let’s begin… 

It’s all about the location 

If your router is tucked away in a cupboard or shoved in the corner of your house, it can impact your overall connection.  

You may experience a drop in speeds or connectivity if there are more than two walls between your internet-enabled device and the router. 

For the best speeds, position your Wi-Fi router in the middle of your home or consider getting a Wi-Fi extender or booster if you need a large coverage range.

Update your router 

Have you been with the same provider or on the same deal for a number of years? Your router could be to blame for your sluggish speeds. 

Technology is advancing all the time, which means that an old router may have a lower speed capacity.  

It's recommended that you ask your current broadband provider to upgrade your router or simply switch to a new deal and a modern router will be sent out to you by your new provider.

Number of devices 

Did you know the average home has 28 internet-enabled devices!? Mind blown. This includes four smart TVs, three tablets, two laptops and two game consoles – not to mention any smartphones you also may have. 

The more devices your household uses, the more demand it places on your broadband – increasing the need for a faster connection. 

Be sure to turn off or disconnect any devices you’re not currently using to free up some bandwidth and enjoy a better internet experience. 

Online gaming 

Since COVID-19, several broadband networks have seen significant increases in web traffic and downloaded data, related to online gaming.  

Online gaming is probably the most demanding activity on your broadband - draining your download speeds and slowing down the internet for everyone else in your house. 

To reduce the effects on your broadband, gamers can reduce the visual settings to a lower quality.

Alternatively, it could be worth getting a faster broadband deal to accommodate your home's increased internet activity and number of devices.  

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