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The Five Golden Rules for Haggling With Your Broadband Provider

According to Which?, almost half of broadband customers have never tried haggling with their service provider! 

Many of us are reluctant to try this technique due to embarrassment or fear of looking rude. However, it is really common and customer service advisers are used to handling these kinds of situations. You’re not the first to try haggling and you won’t be the last either. 

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Haggling is actually a really successful way of saving you money… with 78% of broadband and TV customers securing a better deal after attempting it.

Natalie Hitchins, head of home products and services at Which?, said “Many of us obediently pay our bills throughout the year without ever giving it a second thought, but just one phone call or online chat could save you £120.”

“There are bigger savings to be had for those willing to switch to a new provider, but even if you are happy where you are, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount - it could make all the difference.” 

Before you make that call to your broadband provider though, be sure to read our five top tips to becoming a haggling pro! 

1) Act confident, but remain friendly 

We understand that haggling can feel a bit comfortable, but don't let the telephone operator know that. If you speak with confidence, it'll give off the impression that you know your stuff and you’re not one to mess around. 

However, this doesn’t mean be rude or arrogant! That will only anger the adviser and stop them from wanting to give you a discount. Be friendly and charismatic, yet firm... build a rapport with them... ask them ‘how is their day going?’. These things can really get the agent on your side. 

2) Research other deals 

It’s important to do your homework before starting negotiations. Research the best broadband deals available on the market and tell your current broadband provider about them. 

By calling them out on their prices and proving there are better deals to be had, your broadband provider may give you a discount to keep you onboard.  

3) Make them fight to keep you 

Don’t always accept the provider’s first offer! It’s quite likely that this is not their best deal... they’re just seeing what price they can get away with. 

Instead, take some time to think about it while on the phone. The silence is unsettling. Then, you could tell the agent that ‘it’s still too expensive’; ask them ‘is this the best you can do?’; or reaffirm the cheaper offers promoted by their competitors.

4) Don’t reveal the price you’re willing to pay 

The first rule of business is to never show your all your cards. In other words, don’t start the conversation with: ‘the maximum I'm willing to pay is...’ 

If you divulge this information staright away, the agent might agree to your price, but it definitely won’t be their best deal. Wait to see what they offer first. 

5) Ask for an upgrade or freebie 

If your agent is playing hard ball and not budging on price, why not ask for some extras instead? You could request a faster speed, free calls, or additional TV channels if you have a bundle deal.

Remember, customer service advisers are used to handling these types of enquiries, so don’t feel embarrassed or cheeky by asking the question.

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