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The Best Way to Check Your Internet Speed: Try This 30-Second Test

Your internet speed affects everything you do online as it determines how quickly data is transferred to and from your computer. 

The faster your internet speed, the faster it will download webpages, videos, songs, albums and other media. But most importantly, the more likely you will be able to watch all your favourite TV shows and movies without a single buffer! 

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While download speeds are usually a person’s main focus, upload speed is also important too! Your internet’s upload speed will impact the amount of time it takes you to transfer data onto the web. So, if you regularly upload large files or videos online... or you live stream to an online platform... this will require a quicker upload speed. 

If you’re unsure how fast, or low, your broadband actually is, there is a really quick way to test it – with this free-to-use internet speed checker. 

How does the internet speed test work? 

When you click start, the speed test will send a chunk of data and measure how long it takes for it to be sent to a UK server and then received by your computer. 

This will accurately estimate the speed of your broadband – and don’t worry, none of the data used in the test will be saved onto your computer. 

In order to get the most accurate result, we recommend you follow these simple steps: 

  • Pause or finish downloading anything onto your computer before starting the test. 

  • Shut down any software that uses the internet, like streaming platforms, radio apps etc. 

  • Turn off all other devices that are using the same network. 

  • Ensure all broadband cables are properly and securely connected. 

  • Ideally, place your computer within 10 metres of your wireless router while completing the test. 

Make sure there are no large objects between your computer and wireless router. 

What is my current internet speed? 

Simply click the button below to find out what broadband speed your device is receiving right now! It only takes 30 seconds to complete and will give you an accurate idea of how your internet is performing. 

Just be aware that your broadband speed can change depending on the time of day, current demand in the area 

Take this 30-second internet speed test to see your household's estimated download and upload speeds.

What if my speed is slower than I expected? 

Shocked by the results? There may be a few explanations as to why your internet speed running slow. 

First of all, the price advertised on a broadband package, isn’t necessarily the speed you’ll get. These speeds aren’t guaranteed, they’re just an estimate.  

The advertised speed must be what at least 50% of a provider's customers receive at peak times, which is between 8pm and 10pm. So, your household could actually receive a connection much slower. 

If you’re unhappy with the speed of your broadband, you could raise your concerns with your provider and see if they will do anything about it. 

Alternatively, if you’re out of contract, you can always switch providers. Chances are you can get a better, faster package for the same price or less!! Plus, switching to a new broadband provider is no longer complicated or hard work...so don't settle for a sluggish internet connection and take a look at our superfast internet deals instead.

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