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Simple Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Strength

I think it’s fair to say that there are few things more frustrating than weak Wi-Fi strength. Logging into conference calls is a nightmare. Streaming your favourite documentary without interruption is practically impossible. Even sending a simple email can cause you to pull your hair out.  

You may try several things to fix any slow connection. You unplug the router, restart the computer, or turn Wi-Fi on and off... crossing your fingers in the hope that browsers appear, pages load and buffering stops. Sometimes we get lucky. Sometimes we don’t.  

Thankfully there are a handful of simple ways to increase Wi-Fi strength. So, the next time you find yourself moving from room to room with your laptop just to get online, stop, take a moment and consider these questions. 

Has your router been updated regularly? 

Your router’s firmware is the operating system that controls Wi-Fi strength. If you don’t upgrade your router, you won’t get new feature upgrades and security improvements – and this includes Wi-Fi boosts. 

You also need to update your router to prevent malware and viruses. If it becomes infected with malware, hackers can steal your bandwidth across the network, which includes all your devices.  

Where is your router located? 

Choosing where your router is makes all the difference. Wireless signal strength drops the further it has to travel. So, if you put your router on the bottom floor of a three-storey townhouse and you’re using the internet on the top floor, you may find that you have a weaker Wi-Fi signal.  

Walls and other physical barriers, especially electronic or metallic items, slow signal strength and can result in ‘dead zones’ (areas with no Wi-Fi connectivity). Research has shown that even in a small apartment where you place your router is essential to Wi-Fi strength! 

Are other people using your Wi-Fi network? 

It’s not uncommon for people to secretly use your Wi-Fi network without you knowing. This can be especially common in houses of multiple occupancy or apartment blocks with different providers. 

By making sure that your Wi-Fi signal is encrypted and secure, that it recognises only your devices, and that you create guest passes for visitors with speed limiters, you won’t have to worry about other people using your Wi-Fi... and reducing its strength. 

Have you got bandwidth under control? 

You need strong Wi-Fi to work all the apps on your mobile device.

Some apps automatically upload data, even if you don’t have them open. They’re configured to use as much bandwidth as they can. If you’re someone with loads of apps on your smartphone or tablet, making sure that they’re not constantly transmitting data is a good way to improve your Wi-Fi. 

Also, modern routers have a QoS (Quality of Service) that prioritises programs and applications according to your use. This means that if you’re sharing a network and someone is downloading a 4K movie on the same network, your performance shouldn’t be affected too much. However, if you’re sharing an older router, you may notice a distinct performance decrease. 

Have you tried a Wi-Fi range extender? 

To get the fast, reliable broadband, you may need a Wi-Fi extender.

When all else fails, you can buy a Wi-Fi range extender. Sometimes called Wi-Fi boosters or Wi-Fi network extenders, they amplify your Wi-Fi signal and help you get fast, reliable broadband in every area of the house.  

Wi-Fi range extenders are great for when kids want to stream a film or programme on Netflix or Disney Plus whilst you’re using the internet for important reasons – like working or paying bills.  

Wi-Fi range extenders are a great way of instantly getting a better signal. Perfect for homes with large interior or exterior environments or for people who just want to get a better Wi-Fi signal, extenders greatly increase Wi-Fi strength.  

How do I increase my Wi-Fi strength? 

As you can see, there are a handful of ways that you can increase your Wi-Fi signal strength. However, as effective as they are, there really is no substitute for great broadband.  

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