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Should I Upgrade to Superfast Broadband?

Superfast broadband is available to around 95% of UK homes… but currently, only 45% of Brits have it! That’s over half of the UK who could be enjoying a faster, more reliable connection and a more seamless online experience! Imagine, no more video buffering or slow-loading webpages. 

While that sounds nice, do you really need to upgrade? Read on to discover some of the main reasons a person may need superfast broadband.  

Heavy internet usage 

Are you an avid online gamer? A photographer who regularly uploads high-resolution images? An entrepreneur who live streams or uploads large videos online?  

What we’re trying to say is... if you regularly use the internet to download or upload large files, it could be a good idea to upgrade to superfast broadband. A slower internet connection means it’ll take a long time to download and upload media – not ideal if you need to get your content online quickly!  

With ADSL or standard broadband speeds of 8Mbps, it would take over 25 minutes to download a HD film. Whereas, with 50Mbps superfast fibre, it would only take 4 minutes.  

Large households 

If you have a big family or several people all living under one roof, you may need a faster broadband package to cope with the demand. As a general rule of thumb, the more devices using the internet at once, the faster connection you’ll require. 

Let’s take the example of a family of 4... the son could be playing online games upstairs, mum and dad may be watching Netflix downstairs, and the daughter is uploading a TikTok video in her room. All 4 are also regularly checking their phones, sending messages and scrolling through social media. That’s a lot of data being downloaded and uploaded, so you’ll need a fast connection. 

Location, location, location 

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your broadband speed is not guaranteed. Therefore, the speed you actually receive may not be as high as advertised when you signed up for that package. 

For example, if you live far from the closest exchange, you could experience a drop in speed. So, while the deal may state 11Mbps, you may only receive 8Mbps.  

One way to improve your broadband connection is to sign up for a better package. While you may not get the speeds advertised, you should still experience an improved connection. Some providers may even give you a guaranteed minimum speed.  

Slow-loading pages and buffering 

The internet is so important to us nowadays. It impacts everything that we do.  

Maybe you work from home... if your internet isn’t equipped to handle your day to day tasks, it could hinder your productivity and make your day very stressful!  

Even when you’re trying to relax in the evenings by playing an online game or watch a film, nothing is more frustrating than a buffering link! 

We’d say slow-loading pages and regular buffering as good a reason as any to upgrade to superfast broadband. So, if your broadband is making you unhappy more than happy, it’s time to change. 

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