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Should I Upgrade to Fibre Broadband?

Broadband is no longer a luxury but an essential service. It’s now thought of as a standard household utility, just like our gas and electricity. 

This is because most households wouldn’t be able to function without an internet connection. It allows people to work from home, connect with friends and family, watch TV programmes… the list goes on. 

However, all of these activities can be made very hard or stressful if you haven’t got a strong or fast connection.

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Although fibre is available to 95% of UK households, only 60% of those households have signed up. According to a Which? survey of 4,000 broadband customers, a quarter claimed to still have standard or ADSL broadband. 

If you currently have a basic broadband package, here is why you should consider switching to a fibre deal…

What are the benefits of fibre broadband? 

The benefits listed below are what real broadband customers experienced after switching to fibre broadband from a standard or ADSL connection.  

1)    Faster speeds 

As you’d expect from fibre broadband, 63% of people noticed that their connection was much faster. 

An ADSL connection normally offers speeds of around 10Mbps, while fibre delivers speeds from around 30Mbps and upwards.

2)    Faster downloads and uploads 

50% of people said that it was quicker to download and upload files with fibre. 

The faster speeds delivered with fibre connection means that data will be downloaded much quicker to your device, resulting in less wait time and a smoother online experience. 

For example, it would take around 25 minutes to download a HD film with an ADSL connection, but just 6 minutes with a fibre connection.

3)    Fewer dropouts and outages 

45% of people found their fibre connection to be more reliable, with fewer service interruptions. 36% also states they’d experienced fewer long outages. 

Standard or ADSL broadband uses copper cabling. This infrastructure is much older and can be affected by extreme weather conditions. However, fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables which are newer and much more resilient.

4)    Smoother streaming 

There is nothing worse than sitting down to a film and seeing that buffering circle over and over again. Luckily, 43% of people said that music and video streaming had become smoother and less glitchy with fibre broadband.

Is fibre more expensive? 

You might expect fibre to be more expensive than standard broadband… but it might not be! 

If you have been on the same deal or with the same provider for some time, you could actually save money by switching to fibre. Sounds like a no brainer, doesn’t it? 

This is because after your initial contract ends (usually 12-18 months) after first signing up to the broadband deal, you were likely moved off the provider’s cheap ‘introductory rate’ and onto a more expensive tariff. There is a high chance you’re overpaying for the service you’re receiving. 

By switching to a new fibre deal, you’ll take advantage of those special new customer prices once more. Customers who switch could reduce their bills by £100s every year and get faster speeds! 

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Source: Figures gathered from a Which? survey.