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Should I Get Unlimited Broadband?

Everything you do online uses up a certain amount of data. Sending emails, surfing the internet and scrolling through social media doesn't eat up too much data... but other online activities could reduce your allowance pretty quickly! 

So, before deciding whether or not to opt for an unlimited broadband package, you need to look at how you use the internet. 

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Do you work from home? 

Due to COVID, more people have worked from home in 2020 than ever before. This has made employers reconsider the need for their staff to work in an office even after the pandemic has subsided.

While this is music to many people’s ears, WFH puts a bigger strain on your home broadband. Most employees are required to be online for the whole working day – whether that’s conducting research, sending emails to clients, communicating with colleagues or holding video meetings.

The last thing you need is to get in trouble with your boss because your internet allowance ran out and you’re unable to do your job! 

So, if you’re going to be WFH for the foreseeable future, it may be worthwhile opting for an unlimited broadband package even if it’s just for peace of mind alone. 

Do you video call regularly? 

As just mentioned, you’ll probably use video calling platforms regularly if you work from home… but you might also video call family members and friends in your free time too. 

Different video platforms have different bandwidth requirements and having several people on the same video call will eat up your data quicker too. 

Zoom uses between 810MB and 2.4GB per hour for a group video call; Microsoft Teams uses around 2.25GB per hour for a group video call; and Skype uses 1.8GB per hour for a 5-person call. 

If you spend 10 hours a month on video-calling platforms, you could be using up to 20GB of data on this alone – without taking into account any other online activity.

Do you stream TV shows or films? 

Ask yourself this… how many TV shows and films do you stream in a day? 

In April 2020 (when we were in lockdown), people spent over 6 hours a day watching audio-visual content! Netflix uses around 3GB of data for every hour of a HD film you watch. 

We’ve done the maths for you… and over a month, that equates to a massive 540GB of data consumed just on streaming! 

For most people, sitting down in front of the TV is a nice, relaxing thing to do in the evening, or essential if you need to entertain the kids for a little bit! So, who wants to worry if their data allowance is about to run out? This is where an unlimited broadband package could come in very useful. 

Do you play online games? 

If you, or someone in your household, likes to play online video games, unlimited broadband may be necessary! 

Online games eat up more data than anything else – so not only would you need unlimited broadband, you would need a fast fibre package too. 

To simply download a video game can easily use 100GB+ of data, and to play it uses between 40MB and 150MB per hour depending on the game. 

Do I need unlimited broadband?

From working to relaxing… nowadays, we’re heavily reliant on the internet and staying connected. No one wants a situation where they’re left without data until next month’s allowance comes into effect. That’s why the thought of unlimited home broadband is highly appealing. 

If you want to upgrade your internet package, why not take a look at the great deals we have to offer? And yes, they come with unlimited downloads!

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