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My Broadband Bill Has Increased – What Can I Do?

These naughty broadband providers have a track record of increasing a customer’s monthly rate… and sometimes they don’t even tell you first!

Because of these price rises, 75% of broadband customers could be overpaying for their internet by as much as £220, says Which?. So, let’s go through your rights as a consumer and what you can do about it – depending on whether the price rise comes mid-contract or after the initial contract term.

Mid-contract price rises

Unfortunately, your broadband package didn’t come with the promise of no mid-contract price rises – so the provider has the right to increase your bill. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Here are three things you should do…

Check your contract   

Firstly, check your contract’s small print to see if they’ve acted in line with what has been promised. If the provider guaranteed no mid-contract rises, they would be in breach of the contract if they were to increase your rate.

The contract may also state how much notice the provider would have to give you before increasing the price. We recommend checking if they adhered to this. If not, you could have a strong case for negotiating the price back down or delaying the price rise.

Contact your provider  

As soon as you notice the price has increased, it’s worth having a chat with your provider and informing them of your frustration.

You’ll most likely get passed to their retention department who are experts at dealings with dissatisfied customers. Before calling, it could be worth doing your homework on the prices of similar broadband packages currently on the market – so you’re in a strong position going into the call.

Your broadband provider's rentention department may give you a better deal if you ring them directly.

Cancel your contract  

If you’ve signed up to a broadband package at one price, sudden bill increases don’t very fair, do they? Well, luckily for you, Ofcom doesn’t think so either. They have ruled that customers have the right to cancel without incurring penalty charges.

So, don’t hesitate to cancel your contract if you find yourself unhappy with the price hike.  

Price rises after the initial contract term 

You were luckily enough to avoid a mid-contract price rise, but now your contract has come to an end your broadband provider has stung you with a higher than expected bills. So much for customer loyalty right!?

You don’t have to settle for these unfair bills, here are two solutions to get the price back down.

Switch providers

Did you know two-thirds of customers suffer a significant price rise after their contract ends? What’s more shocking is that prices can increase by as much as an 89%!

That’s why our best bit of advice to you is to always switch broadband deals after the initial contract has come to an end. You could save yourself hundreds of pounds a year.

Broadband providers draw customers in with these great offers in the hope they’ll stay and pay the more expensive price after their initial contract is over. But if you keep switching, you can constantly get the best deals on the market and pay no more than you have to.

Haggle with your current provider

Haggling can really work when it comes to slashing your bills, and if you play it right, you could even get a better broadband package out of it too. Our top tips for haggling are:

  • Mention any problems you’ve had in the past, such as slow speeds or long customer service call wait times. 

  • Research other deals on the market and use these to strengthen your argument. 

  • Don’t use aggression or anger. Be charismatic and charming.  

  • Don’t always say yes to their first offer.

  • If they’re adamant they won’t reduce the price, ask for additional services instead. 

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