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Is Shell a Good Broadband Provider?

Shell is quite the talking point at the moment, with the news that they are to take over The Post Office’s broadband service. 

This £80 million deal will see them acquire around 500,000 new broadband customers, all of who probably have the same question… is Shell any good? 

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Or maybe you’re not caught up in the exchange, but you’re considering switching to Shell? Either way, settle in, because here is our honest review of Shell Broadband. 


Shell is one of the best broadband services in terms of value. Not only are their prices low, but customers also get a whole load extra included in their plans. 

First of all, there are no activation charges or upfront costs when you sign up. 

Secondly, customers will get a router and line rental free of charge. 

Thirdly, all their plans include unlimited internet usage, so you’ll never be charged extra. 

And finally, Shell won't increase their prices at the end of your initial contract period. Most other providers hike their rates and it could end up costing you £100s a year!


Shell may not be the fastest provider on the market, but their speeds will suit most UK households. You can choose from: 

·      11Mbps - suitable for small households and for online activities such as sending emails and browsing the web 

·      35Mbps – suitable for medium households with multiple internet-enabled devices being used at once. 

·      64Mbps – suitable for large households of internet users who stream TV shows and movies, play games online or upload/download large files.

Customer service 

Recognised by Resolver for their excellent service standards, Shell’s customer satisfaction is rated better than Sky, BT and Virgin (based on analysis of more than 54,000 cases). 

According to Which?, Shell managed to resolve 46% of complaints on the same or next working day in the first half of last year. Plus, Shell answers phone calls quicker than the median average wait time of 5 minutes 57 seconds. 


We’ve already touched on the extras or freebies you get as a customer of Shell – including zero activation charges, a free router worth £100 and free line rental. But there is more… 

Customers will also have access to exclusive savings on fuel at Shell service stations, as well discounts on delicious food ranges and other surprises only with the Shell Go+ rewards program.

H2: Conclusion 

Shell’s broadband service shouldn’t be overlooked! They seem to tick all boxes… low prices, fast speeds, no setup costs and unlimited usage. 

Plus, their new acquisition of the Post Office’s broadband operations means they’re looking to grow and scale this area of their business, which can only mean good to come. 


If you’d like to check out Shell’s affordable broadband deals in more detail, simply click here

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