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How to Switch Broadband Providers

If you’re thinking about changing your broadband provider, you might have a few questions about your options and the process itself. With hundreds of deals out there, let’s go through the simple three-step process to securing the best one.

1. Pop in your postcode 

There are different types of broadband available throughout the country, as well as a variety of providers that can offer an assortment of deals for you to choose from.

To see the choices available in your area, just enter your postcode and we’ll do all the searching for you. We’ll display them altogether too, so you’ll have the freedom to scroll through and compare the offers best suited for you.

2. Choose the best deal for you 

What broadband speed you go for really depends on your household, usage, and current speed. If you’re fed up of Netflix buffering or have long wait times for downloads, you should probably look for something faster. Otherwise, you could just stick to the broadband speed you currently have and look for a better price.  

Never suffer from buffering video streams when you switch to a better broadband speed.

With our handy comparison tool, we make shopping for broadband packages easy by showing you a variety of deals to choose from. It could be upgrading to superfast broadband or securing a cheaper price for what you’ve already got.  

You can filter the search based on what you’re after. Once you’ve chosen something that ticks all the right boxes, simply click through to the provider’s webpage to secure your awesome deal. 

3. Finalise your switch 

You’ve done your bit… now it’s up to your new provider to do the rest!  

They’ll even contact your current provider*, so you can just sit back, wait for your router to arrive and start enjoying your new broadband. 

*Just a little note: with some providers, like Virgin Media, you will need to ring your current provider and organise a date to cut off their services. You’d do this once you’ve confirmed the switch date with your new provider to minimise any service disruption. 

Your new provider should send you a new router in the post.

Other questions about switching broadband providers… 

Can I switch providers if my current contract isn’t finished? 

Every provider is different, so it’s important to check your current contract’s terms and conditions. If you haven’t reached your minimum term, you could end up paying a hefty early termination fee if you decide to switch. If you’re unsure of your contract details, just ring your provider and ask them.

What speed should I get? 

This completely depends on how many people in your home use the internet, how often they use it, how much data they use, and how your current provider’s speed is coping.

If your household enjoys online gaming or uses streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon, you’ll want a faster broadband. However, if you’ve got no complaints about your current speed, then just stick with that and look for a better price.  

What about my landline number? 

Most providers will let you transfer your phone number to your new provider. When you’re finalising the switch, ask your new provider about this and they should be able to sort it out for you – easy!

How long will the switch take? 

In most cases, you’ll be waiting to receive your new router, which can take up to two weeks. However, with some providers it might take a bit longer. Your new provider will let you know how long it should take when you’re finalising the switch.  

Can I keep the email address that I was given by my current provider? 

If you use an email address that’s tied up with your current provider, you’ll have to check if you’ll be able to keep using it once you switch. Some providers will let you keep using it… others will give you a set amount of days before it’s deleted… and others will delete it immediately.

If you can’t keep your email, don’t worry – there are a variety of free email services, such as Google and Outlook, that are widely used and trusted across the globe.  

Are there any hidden fees? 

No, anything you need to pay in regular monthly charges or extra fees will be outlined within the contract before you confirm the switch.

There’s also a cooling off period, where, if for any reason you are unhappy with your new provider, you can cancel the contract. Each provider’s cooling off period can vary in length, so clarify this with your new provider for peace of mind.

What about bundle offers? 

Some offers you see will include a package deal. You can select additional services, such as TV, with some providers. A lot of the deals will already include your landline as it’s generally cheaper, but you can search for broadband-only deals if you prefer.  

Ready to switch? 

It’s time to find a broadband provider that’s perfect for all your data-consuming needs – so why not enter your postcode [insert link to comparison page] to unlock amazing deals in your area? 

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