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How to Increase Your Broadband Speed – Easy Tips for Everyone

People often blame their provider for slow internet speeds. However, there are many other reasons why your broadband is slow. From having several programs running in the background, and falling behind on Windows or driver updates, to a lack of RAM (Random Access Memory) or infected malware, don’t be quick to blame broadband if you find yourself waiting forever for a page to load. 

Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to increase the speed of your internet. Now, you shouldn’t expect a miraculous change, but one or all these tips may just make a difference.  

The position of your router 

When using Wi-Fi, the closer you are to the router, the better signal you’ll have - and the faster your broadband will be. Wi-Fi signals can’t travel through thick walls or large objects, so it’s important that your devices have a clear path to your router.  

A top tip to improve the performance is to position your router at height or in a central location in the home.

Slow broadband will drastically reduce your productivity.

Plug in an Ethernet cable 

If changing the position of your router doesn’t help, try plugging in an Ethernet cable. Why? Ethernet cables transfer data faster than Wi-Fi because they don’t encrypt data.  

Better still, Ethernet cables offer a more reliable connection for laptops, PCs and games consoles because they suffer less interference than Wi-Fi.  

Disconnect Wi-Fi devices you’re not using 

Most of us have laptops, PCs, iPhones and tablets in our homes, all using the same Wi-Fi connection. Some of us even have smart TVs, wearable technology like the iWatch and personal assistant AIs like the Amazon Echo and Google Nest too. 

All these devices will reduce your broadband speed – even if you have a decent fibre or cable connection. Try switching off the Wi-Fi of the devices you’re not using... you may notice that your broadband is speedier straight away.  

Move the router away from electronic equipment 

Cordless phones, baby monitors, dimmer switches, even TVs and stereos can affect your broadband speed. It’s best to move any electronic equipment as far away from your router as you can. This will minimise interference, increasing your broadband speed.   

Audio-only conference calls 

With so many of us working from home, platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become essential to our professional lives. Video chatting is all fine and well, but it does use an awful lot of bandwidth. Audio-only conference calls use a lot less.  

Another top tip is to arrange meetings at times in the day when you know less people will be online. Now, we’re not saying that you should schedule meetings at midnight, but maybe 9am isn’t the best time! 

Avoid streaming and gaming 

Playing online games using a lot of bandwidth. If you want to increase your speed, don't spend too much time playing games online.

Now, we all know that streaming services like Netflix and Disney + are, for many, the number one way to watch their favourite films, TV shows and documentaries, but streaming uses a lot of bandwidth. A lot.  

The same goes for gaming. As much as you enjoy streaming Fortnite on Twitch for all your friends to watch, online gaming puts a strain on your upstream bandwidth causing your internet to slow.   

Give your laptop or PC and a spring clean 

You’ll be surprised just how much faster your laptop or PC will be after a simple spring clean! But how do you get your laptop or PC in tip-top shape? 

Simple, follow these tips:  

  • Make sure that your firewall and any anti-virus software is working.  

  • Clear your cache and empty the trash.  

  • Go through the programs that you don’t use and uninstall them.  

  • Sort all the folders and files in your My Documents folder and desktop.  

You can also run the Desktop Cleanup utility which will erase temporary files and free up storage space which could improve your computer’s performance.  

So, as you can see, there’s a handful of things you can do to increase your broadband speed. However, there really is no substitute for a better broadband deal.  

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