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How to Avoid Broadband Price Hikes

For most British households, an internet connection is as essential as hot water and heating. In the modern world, it’s practically impossible to live without the internet. We use it to pay bills, keep in touch with friends and family, buy goods and services, the list goes on.... 

This has created an opportunity for some broadband providers to exploit their customers, often raising their prices substantially as they upgrade their services.  

Is a seamless connection, rapid speed, larger download allowance or the odd perk here and there worth paying much more than you want or can afford every month? 

Thankfully, there are ways that you can avoid paying for unfair broadband hikes. Want to learn how? Keep reading below. 

Speak to your current provider 

You should receive a notification from your provider telling you that the price of your broadband will be increasing. Once you do, pick up the phone and give them a call.  

You’ll likely be directed to the retentions or disconnections department. Explain that you’re unhappy with the increased cost. Your provider may offer you a cheaper deal or offer you additional extras at a discounted price.  

Unsure how to negotiate? Do some research. You may find something that competitors are offering and see if your provider will match or better it. Be honest and upfront and don’t be bullied into agreeing a deal that you don’t want. 

Providers won’t want to lose your business. They’ll likely offer incentives to convince you to stay with them – just make sure that you’re happy with what they offer.

Cancel the contract 

Don’t just cancel the direct debit and stop paying the provider. If you do, you can expect to get a final bill for the balance of the time left on your contract... and this could be hundreds of pounds!  

Remember: providers are also supposed to give their customers 30-day's notice before they increase their prices. Within this 30-day period, you should be able to cancel the contract without paying a fee.

However, don’t assume this to be true of every provider. Before cancelling your contract, always check the terms and conditions. 

Oh, and there’s something else: in lockdown, broadband providers haven’t been telling customers when offers are coming to an end so it’s worth checking your contract to make sure that you don’t get a nasty surprise on your next bill.

Switching broadband providers 

Often, new customers pay less than existing customers. Why? Introductory offers are usually cheaper so switching broadband providers can save you money... in the short term.  

After six, nine or twelve months, providers can increase their prices, leaving customers stuck in a contract and paying more than they want to – or can afford.  

Before you sign-up, make sure that you understand the full terms and conditions. The cost of your internet could jump from £17.99 a month to £40+ a month! 

Getting a broadband bundle  

One of the best ways to get a cheaper deal is to bundle your broadband, phone and TV into one package. Providers are keen on signing customers up to a bundle, so they’ll offer you great deals and even special offers. 

Get more for your money with a broadband bundle.

Another benefit to bundling is that you’ll only pay one bill every month which makes it much easier than remembering to pay or manage multiple payments at different times of the month.

Moreover, often providers offer bundles at more competitive prices to attract customers. So, rather than pay for your broadband, landline and mobile phone separately, bundle it all together. You’ll be surprised how much you can save.  

As you can see, there are several ways that you can avoid broadband price hikes. However, if you choose the right broadband provider, you have no reason to worry about increased prices and switching broadband, ever!  

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