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Five Handy Hints to Maximise Your Data Allowance

With all the time that we spend browsing online and listening to music on our phones... and let’s not forget being sucked into watching video after video on YouTube... it’s no surprise that our data allowance never quite seems to be enough. 

Learn our five handy hints that will help you to maximise your data allowance... and potentially save you money too. 

1. Turn off push notifications 

If you want to use your data allowance more efficiently, the first thing that you need to do is to turn off push notifications. This might seem like a small change, but it’ll make a big difference.  

Some apps use data to send notifications to your device. By turning these off, you’ll save a bunch of data each month.   

2. Change your social media settings 

We all check our social media when we’re on-the-go, but randomly watching short videos on YouTube or WhatsApp uses a lot of data.  

Facebook and Instagram are set to auto-play (unless you change the setting) so even if you don’t watch the video, you’re using data to buffer them. Changing your social media settings will save you using too much data.

3. Restrict background data 

Did you know that even when you’re not using your device, apps can drain your data by reloading the background data? Social media apps are the biggest culprits of all! 

Updated apps may be convenient, but they refresh automatically which drains both your allowance and your battery. This is why you should think about restricting your background data.  

4. Download content 

Make the most of your Wi-Fi connection and download your favourite songs, podcasts or videos while you’re at home to enjoy when you’re out and about. If you like listening to music on your way to work, don’t worry. Both Apple Music and Spotify let you download music to your iPhone and listen to offline.  

Movie lovers need not miss out on the latest releases too. Netflix allows you to download and stream till your heart’s content! 

5. Watch how much data you use 

The last one is straightforward, but well worth mentioning and that’s to watch how much data you use. Most networks have their own app which allows you to monitor your allowance until your plan refreshes. 

Network apps are great! They help you to see how much data you’re using and save you from getting those dreaded texts politely telling you that you only have a small amount of data left for the month. 

Making sure that you stay under your monthly data limit isn’t difficult and will likely take up minutes of your time. All you need to do is change some settings or stop yourself from being sucked into watching cat video after cat video on YouTube.  

The easiest way to maximise your data allowance is to connect to your home broadband. Interested in finding out what the best broadband deals are in your area? Click the link here to see. 

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