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Do I Really Need Superfast Broadband?

Most people like the thought of superfast 365Mbps fibre optic broadband. And while it sounds fancy (and may even give you bragging rights over your other tech-savvy friends), do you really need it? Stay tuned… we’re going to look into whether you should switch or not. We’ve got four questions to ask yourself in order to determine if superfast broadband is the right option for you – so let’s get started.  

1. How many people are in your home? 

The need for superfast broadband depends on the amount of competition in your house. If there’s just you, it’s unlikely you’re going to need too much internet power. But if there’s you, your partner and several kids all trying to access the internet at the same time, it could increase the demand for a more powerful broadband package. 

2. How many devices are in your home? 

There could be ten people in your house, but if no one uses technology or data, there’s no need to get a big broadband package.  

On the flip side, you could all have multiple devices that are being used at once. For example, if someone were streaming a movie in the living room, someone were gaming upstairs, someone were listening to Alexa in the kitchen and there were four phones being used at the same time, a standard broadband package would struggle to keep up.  

3. What do you use the internet for? 

Ok, so this is the big question. If you only use your internet to browse the web, send some emails, put a few pictures on Instagram or send some texts via Whatsapp, you really don’t need superfast broadband. A standard speed will be more than adequate for your needs. However, you might need to consider a better package if you: 

  • Download films regularly  

  • Play games on the internet 

  • Stream TV shows from more than one device 

  • Download large online files 

  • Use video-calling services, like Skype, FaceTime etc. 

4. How’s the internet in your area? 

You might not know this but the speed advertised on a broadband package is just the average speed. This means it isn’t necessarily the speed you’ll receive – especially during peak times.  

So, if you live in an area where internet isn’t that great, you might want to opt for a better broadband package to increase your chances of getting a speedier and more reliable broadband connection. 

Before we leave you, we thought we should clarify what superfast broadband is – so you know what to look for when comparing broadband packages. 

There is quite a wide range of speeds that go under the superfast broadband category and it can range from 30Mbps to 300Mbps. Anything over that is actually classed as ‘ultrafast’, ‘hyperfast’ or even ‘gigafast’.  

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