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Bundling Internet, TV and Phone: Is It Worthwhile?

If you’ve been thinking about whether to get a bundle deal or not, this article will shed some light on provider bundling and help you make the right decision.  

Before we get into it, if you’re a little confused about what a ‘bundle’ actually is, we’ll quickly explain.

What is a bundle deal? 

Instead of buying your internet, phone and TV services separately and with different providers, you can buy two or more of these services together in one deal. This is known as ‘bundling’ or a ‘bundle’. 

Ok, now that’s clarified, we’re going to talk through the pros and cons of bundling and if bundling can really save you money. So, let’s get started!  

The pros of bundling

There are many advantages to bundling your telecoms services, and here we list just a few of those… 

  1. Bundle plans normally work out cheaper than buying all the services separately, as the provider will give you a discount price. 

  2. It can be a great option if you’re wanting access to more TV channels and streaming platforms. 

  3. Bundling means one convenient monthly bill to one provider, instead of juggling multiple bills and payment dates. 

  4. It usually works out cheaper than buying all the services separately.

  5. Packages can come with many different perks and features, such as Sky TV channels, free set-up offers and gift cards.

If you bundle your internet and TV services, you could save money and get access to more channels.

The cons of bundling 

It’s also important to consider the potential negatives before deciding which type of package is right for you and your household. 

  1. Consumers can sometimes end up being upsold and paying for features that they don’t need or want. 

  2. Bundle packages can come with longer contract terms than broadband-only deals. 

  3. It could be more expensive option if you don’t currently pay for any TV services.

Should I get an internet-only plan? 

It all depends on your household and what services you need.  

For example, an internet-only service is a good option for households who don’t currently spend a lot on TV services and don’t want additional channels such as Sky or CBS.  

However, if you’re paying for Sky TV separately to your internet plan – or looking to acquire more TV channels – you may want to think about getting a bundle package.  

How much money could I save by bundling? 

Paying for your internet, TV and phone services in one contract could potentially save you hundreds of pounds. And who doesn’t want to save that kind of money!? 

Another way to reduce your bills is to consider how you pay for your contract. For example, you could save around £5 a month by simply paying via direct debit versus settling each bill payment individually by card, cheque or cash.

Remember to switch to a new bundle deal 

If your current bundle deal has come to the end of its initial contract, why not switch to a new deal? Providers can be sneaky and increase your monthly cost, which could mean you’ll be paying hundreds of pounds more a year for the same service. 

By switching to a new provider, you can take advantage of new customer offers and get the best prices available. Even better, you could also get a better package than what you’ve got now – such as faster internet speeds, more TV channels and other perks such as gift cards.

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