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4 Household Objects That Could Be Killing Your Broadband Connection

Slow-loading webpages, buffering videos and painfully long downloads are enough to make anyone bang their head against a brick wall!

Sluggish broadband isn’t just a mild inconvenience... it can bring your entire household to a standstill and stop you from doing a whole host of activities, such as completing your work or streaming your favourite TV show.

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However, the reason for your poor connection might be closer to home than you think. So, stick around while we reveal four common household objects that might be wreaking havoc on your broadband signal.

1. Fish tank

Is your Wi-Fi router located next to or behind a fish tank? Move it the next chance you get!!

This is because wireless broadband signals don’t pass well through water. Your aquarium or fish tank is likely to be absorbing some of the radio waves emitted by most Wi-Fi routers. As a result, this could significantly impact the speed and quality of your internet connection.

2. TV

Try to keep your router away from your TV, as well as other electronics like DVD players, smart speakers, TV boxes and game consoles.

The metal components in these appliances could be causing interference and weakening your Wi-Fi signal.

If your master phone socket (where you plug in your router) is located next to your television socket, it can be tricky to keep the two devices apart. We suggest placing it as far away as possible or buying a longer DSL cable to maximise signal strength.

3. Cordless landline phone

Wi-Fi routers and coreless phones aren’t a good match either. Some base stations operate at the same radio frequency (2.4GHz) as Wi-Fi routers. That means they could interfere with each other if they’re positioned in close proximity.

Not only could your broadband connection drop, but the voice quality on the cordless phone could also be impacted – making it harder for you to talk with family and friends.

4. Microwave oven

This is the worst culprit of them all! According to a survey from Zen Internet, an award-winning ultra-fast UK broadband provider, 75% of people were unaware that a microwave could impact their internet signal.

Using the microwave to cook your evening dinner could bring your broadband to a grinding halt. Zen warns internet users to avoid placing their router anywhere near these appliances as the electromagnetic waves they produce can interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

What’s the best location for your Wi-Fi router?

So now you know where not to position your router… let’s find out where the best spot in your house is. Here are our top tips:

  • In the centre of your property

This allows your router to transmit signals in all directions, ensuring a better connection in all rooms.

  • Elevated and off the floor

This will maximise your broadband’s performance as Wi-Fi signals won’t be getting absorbed into the ground.

  • Out in the open

Don’t hide your router in a cupboard or behind appliances, otherwise you will weaken your connection and reduce your internet speed.

If you’ve followed all of our tips and your broadband connection still is causing you problems, maybe it’s time to upgrade your package. You might require faster speeds to keep up with your level of usage.

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